Opera Blue Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Pack of Twelve Bottles

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Opera Blue Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Pack of Twelve Bottles. These 750ml bottles are a beautiful shade of blue and have a significantly longer neck than most 750ml bottles. These bottles will work perfectly with all dark spirits, which will allow the bottles shade of blue to change based on how dark that spirit is. Uses a 21.5mm corks (not included).

  • Style: The showroom blue color of these bottles work to create wonderful color effects based on what spirit are contain within them.

  • Quality: This bottle is excellently crafted, which allows them to be used many times if it is cared for properly.

  • Versatility: This bottle is intended to contain spirits, but it can make any beverage look beautiful and unique. It can also be used for decorations, such as holding flowers.

  • The long neck on these bottles will make them standout from all other bottles!

  • Uses a 21.5mm corks (not included)