Tennessee Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle

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Tennessee Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle. This beautiful 750ml spirit bottle is excellently crafted with a unique shape that is ideal for whiskey. The base of the bottle gradually becomes larger as it gets toward the neck while have a rounded cylindrical shape. When the base gets to the neck its becomes a beautiful hourglass shape. Cork not included.

  • Style: The flint clear style allows for maximum viewing of your delicious spirit.

  • Quality: This bottle is excellently crafted, which allows them to be used many times if it is cared for properly.

  • Versatility: This bottle is intended to contain spirits, but it can make any beverage look beautiful and unique. It can also be used for decorations, such as holding flowers.

  • These bottles look like they belong in a high-brow bar, but are still approachable to make a home bar look fantastic.