Mead Making Gift Collection

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This collection is perfect for the home wine maker as well as the lover of mead. Mead is a timeless drink with so many varied recipes and additives that the flavors are endless. A gift like this will inspire the mead lover to become the mead maker. Included in this collection is a boxed equipment kit that contains the equipment and chemicals necessary to make mead at home. The only ingredient not included in this collection is the honey. Since honey is often sourced locally, we thought it was a good idea to leave the honey choices up to you. A few additional accessories have also been included in order to make this gift a bit more exciting and complete. A mead making gift is sure to make you the hero of the event!

  • The equipment included in this collection will accommodate a one gallon batch of mead. From the primary fermentation to the secondary fermentation and clarification this kit has you covered.

  • Within the collection, you will experience the satisfaction of a quality glass fermenter, auto-siphon, and three piece airlock. Additionally, you will find a triple scale, dual scale liquid crystal thermometer, and a drilled rubber stopper.

  • The comprehensive instructions also include our favorite mead recipe. To provide ingredients and additives to try the recipe we have included the campden, malic acid, tartaric acid, wine tannin, yeast energizer, and your first yeast packet. As a bonus to this kit, there is also a packet of easy clean to get you started in the right direction for cleaning and sanitizing.

  • To accent the collection, a Home Brew Ohio cloth tote and two pint glasses have been included. A collection like this is sure to please your special person. It's not just a one-time gift, but a gift of experience, knowledge, and hopefully a new hobby. That's a deal!