Home Brew Ohio Mead Making Kit

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Home Brew Ohio's Mead Making Kit contains a recipe, equipment, and basic chemicals for making mead at home. The directions included in the kit are step-by-step and will help even the new mead maker. This kit will assist you in making one gallon of mead. Inside you will find the primary and secondary fermenters, auto-siphon and tubing, along with a hydrometer, thermometer, easy clean and chemicals - campden, malic acid, tartaric acid, tannin, yeast energizer and yeast. The only item not included in this kit is the honey. A Home Brew Ohio Mead Making Kit Replenishment Packet is also available for purchase.

  • One Gallon Mead Making Kit

  • Includes all equipment necessary for making mead

  • Instructions, equipment, recipe, and chemicals included. Honey is not included in this kit.