Home Brew Ohio Mead Making Kit

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Home Brew Ohio's Mead Making Kit contains a recipe, equipment, and basic chemicals for making mead at home. The directions included in the kit are step-by-step and will help even the new mead maker. This kit will assist you in making one gallon of mead. Inside you will find the primary and secondary fermenters, auto-siphon and tubing, along with a hydrometer, thermometer, easy clean and chemicals - campden, malic acid, tartaric acid, tannin, yeast energizer and yeast. The only item not included in this kit is the honey. A Home Brew Ohio Mead Making Kit Replenishment Packet is also available for purchase.

  • One Gallon Mead Making Kit

  • Includes all equipment necessary for making mead

  • Instructions, equipment, recipe, and chemicals included. Honey is not included in this kit.
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    • 5
      Great kit

      Posted by Tandy on Oct 8th 2023

      As a first timer. I found this kit very helpful. Easy to follow instructions and everything I needed to start. Highly recommend.

    • 5
      Best kit

      Posted by Austin r on May 8th 2023

      This kit came with everything I needed for really cheap and shipped very fast. I love this company so far

    • 5
      Mead making kit

      Posted by joshua Washburn on Sep 30th 2022

      Awesome product & unbeatable price

    • 5
      This mead kit is the best way to get started. And most cost effective.

      Posted by Jonathan Deutschlander on Apr 26th 2022

      Just took a gravity reading and found my cider (cuz i cant just follow directions) turned out unbelievable. Started at 1.100 ended at 1.00 ready for secondary in 2 weeks! I love the taste. Im usually a dry cabernet drinker but this is a nice change and a new favorite for sure! I will undoubtedly never buy another bottle of wine. The honey was 13 and the cider juice was 5. Only used half the honey at 2lb and 1 gal of cider to get me to 1.100. I owe it to home brew ohio for making it available on my budget, you guys are awesome!

    • 4
      So far so good!!!

      Posted by Dan on Apr 19th 2022

      Really easy to use with great instructions for a dry mead. I'm excited to see how it all turns out in a few months!!! I just wish it came with extra yeast packets for more than one batch, but there's plenty of the other ingredients for multiple batches.

    • 4
      Mead kit

      Posted by Robert A Elliott on Mar 8th 2022

      Kit is great. Awesome value for what you get. My first brew is fermenting now. Only issue I have is the grommet on the lid of the fermenter bucket ripped. I'm not sure if it's something I did or the grommet itself. They're minimal in cost and I figure it'll have to be replaced eventually.

    • 4
      Mead making review

      Posted by José Javier flores on Nov 25th 2021

      All the equipment came intact and I didn’t feel I was missing anything to get started immediately. The lid for the primary fermenter felt like it didn’t shut or close tightly not sure if that’s on purpose

    • 5
      great kit, all necessary equipment included

      Posted by Kutay on Sep 28th 2021

      It has all sanitization, brewing, stabilization, and even autosiphon equipment for a quite affordable price. With this I was able to start again from zero after moving without any equipment. I'm very happy with this purchase.

    • 4
      Good but not great.

      Posted by Glendon Holmes on Feb 21st 2021

      Value is excellent, the bucket didn't seal well and leaked out a little from under the cover once fermentation got underway. Maybe a seal for the bucket cover is needed.