Home Brew Ohio Soda Making Kit

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Home Brew Ohio's Soda Making Equipment Kit contains equipment that can be used to make soda at home. The directions included in the kit provide a basic explanation of soda making. It is recommended that you follow the directions on the extract, which is purchased separately. The kit contains a 6.5 gallon bottling bucket, Italian spigot to fasten to the bucket, 18" plastic spoon, laboratory grade thermometer, and instructions. The equipment in this kit can be used many times over so that you can enjoy making soda for years to come. Not included in the kit are soda extract, yeast, sugar, plastic bottles, and caps. Home Brew Ohio Soda Making Packets are available for purchase. These packets include the sugar, yeast, and extract necessary for completion of your soda making at home.

  • Easy to use equipment for making soda at home

  • Basic directions included

  • Includes bucket, plastic spoon, Italian spigot, laboratory grade thermometer, and instructions

  • See Home Brew Ohio Soda Making Packets for ingredients sold separately