Distillers Yeast DADY - 22 Lbs

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Distillers Yeast will produce maximum alcohol yields under controlled temperatures. Useful for making neutral alcohol bases for liqueurs.

  • Distillers Yeast (DADY) 22 lbs.

  • 22 lb

  • Useful For Making Neutral Alcohol Bases for Liqueurs
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      Distillers Yeast (DADY)

      Posted by Bill on Mar 9th 2020

      Being a professional Brewer, I can't screw around with all the hype about which yeast is best. Red Star has been making yeast for years and some of the really expensive wines and Distilled spirits use yeast that has come from their labs. If you take short cuts, you are going to be cut short with your finished product. Use the best and out comes the best. Highly recommended.

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      Posted by Bill on Nov 11th 2019

      I have tried every Yeast on the market. I have spent ten times the dollar amount as I spent on Home Brew Ohio. I know this sounds like a commercial for these guys but it is more of a praise for handling top quality products. I have used the fast acting 24 hour Turbo Yeast and the amount of finished product was the same. To produce the greatest amount (Quantity) and consume the largest percentage of available sugar, you need time. Most brewers are impatient. Like a fine wine, it requires time. Distillers Yeast is still violently bubbling a full week later. The end product of yeast is Co2 and Alcohol. That's the intent. That is the ultimate product. Using this product, I am consistently produce 95.4% pure Alcohol. Try that with any other product. Of course, I have state of the art equipment (See Home Brew Ohio) for some really excellent and hi-tech brewing equipment). I highly recommend Distillers Yeast (DADY) from Red Star. Good stuff. Makes the best product you can get on the market.

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      Distillers Yeast (DADY)

      Posted by Bill on Sep 9th 2018

      After reviewing many books, articles and news groups, I came to the conclusion that different strains of Yeast are brewed for different reasons. Some have a higher defense against higher Alcohol content while others tend to be weak against alcohol content. Red Star is a trusted names for many decades. The Bakers swear by it, the Vintners swear by it when making wine and Fermentation, so it's kind of hard to argue with success. The cost is also a factor unless you like paying for huge Advertising budgets are getting the Avis, were number two but we are almost as good. Your still, be it column or parrot is going to have a lot to do with the finished product. Again, hard to blame yeast because of your sanitary procedures or distilling end results. Try it, if it works for you, continue to buy it. If not, look at not only the product, but the way you make your product.