Alkaline Brewery Wash - 16 oz

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Sanitizing brewing equipment has never been easier than it is with this craft meister alkaline powdered brewery wash. This wash is the no-hassle way to clean your brew kettles, fermentors, fittings, tubing, and bottles. It's specially formulated to dissolve in hot or cold water and eats right through nasty carbon build-up in your system or labels on your bottles. Save yourself time and money when you're sanitizing brewing equipment in your home or commercial set-up. Harness the powdered power of this alkaline brewery wash from craft meister, in stock and ready to ship. Features: 16 oz screw top plastic tub. Powdered formula eats through carbon build-up. Easy on hands. Safe for glass, plastic, and stainless steel.

  • 16 oz screw top plastic tub

  • Powdered formula eats through carbon build-up

  • Safe on glass, plastic, and stainless steel

  • Easy on hands