Clean Bottle Express Wine/beer Bottle Brush +Plus+

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Clean Bottle Express Wine/beer Bottle Brush +Plus+ We have revised the classic brush head with 8 new barb bristles that withstand the strongest force when cleaning even the most unique bottles. This brush was designed to clean the toughest deposits or stains in the bottom of your specialty bottles. This brush has literally been through the ringer, and passed hundreds of the toughest cleaning tests possible, all of which have resulted in a positively clean bottle!

  • Enhanced bottle brush head (to clean extremely hard to reach areas)

  • Spiral Force Technology for the fastest possible bottle cleaning

  • Works on all Beer Bottles, Wine Bottles, Sports Bottles, Antique Bottles, Milk Bottles, Kombucha Bottles, (literally any type of bottle that is extremely difficult to clean)

  • Food-grade plastic rod

  • Chamois design cleaning pads, 8 barb bristles