Clean Bottle Express Bundle- Carboy & Wine/Beer Bottle Brushes

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The Clean Bottle Express Bundle is a must have for every home brewer and wine maker. This bundle includes (1) Carboy brush and (1) Wine/Beer bottle brush. Both products were designed to expedite the cleaning process that every home brewer and wine maker must do in order to make sure your finished product is not contaminated providing the best beer or wine you have been waiting for. The product attaches to any standard cordless or power drill. Clean Bottle Express has a patented design using a Chamois Material that provides the internal bottle washing and sanitizing you need. The high synthetic plastic rod gives you peace of mind your bottles will never be scratched during the cleaning process. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on our product.

  • Brush Bundle for carboys and bottles

  • Set of two brushes

  • Attaches To Standard Drill