Winexpert LE23 Winemaker’s Blend, Italy 14L Wine Ingredient Kit

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Winemaker’s Blend – ITALY Explore the world’s most distinguished wine growing regions with the Winexpert LE collection; a limited edition series that celebrates the unique, the exciting and the very best – from classic varietals to exceptional blends. WINEMAKER’S BLEND - The varietals in our Winemaker’s Blend play off each other to create a crisp off-dry wine with a tapestry of vibrant fruit flavors. Pinot Grigio leads with lush peach and apple flavors. Riesling adds aromatics, a shot of sweetness, and amplifies fresh acidity. Vermentino plays up the citrus character, while Verduzzo brings tropical notes to the background. A touch of Trebbiano rounds out the orchard fruit flavors and adds a fresh mineral accent. ITALY - This cunning blend pulls choice varietals from the four corners of Italy, showcasing the best the country has to offer: Sicily in the southwest, where climate and geography make near perfect growing conditions; Tuscany on the northwest coast, one of the world’s most famous wine regions; Veneto on the northeast coast where hot summers are tempered by the Adriatic Sea, and finally Puglia on the southeast coast, where the surrounding seas provide balance to the dry heat helping grow mature and fruity grapes. Wine Ingredient Kit Only. Does Not Contain Alcohol.

  • Crisp Off-Dry Elegance: The carefully selected varietals in our Winemaker’s Blend harmonize to produce a refreshing off-dry wine, characterized by a vibrant tapestry of fruit flavors

  • Italian Terroir Tapestry: Regional Excellence: Our Italy blend is a masterful composition that artfully combines select varietals from four distinct regions, capturing the essence of Italy’s diverse terroirs

  • From Sicily to Puglia: This cunning blend sources grapes from the country’s corners – Sicily in the southwest with its near-perfect growing conditions, Tuscany on the renowned northwest coast, the Adriatic-influenced Veneto on the northeast, and Puglia on the southeast coast, benefitting from the surrounding seas that balance the dry heat, fostering the growth of mature and fruity grapes

  • Sweetness: Off Dry, Body: Light Medium, Oak: None. From this box to your bottle in just 6-8 weeks

  • Wine Ingredient Kit Only. Does Not Contain Alcohol