Tilt Digital Wireless Hydrometer And Thermometer For Smartphone Or Tablet (Pink)

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Tilt Digital Wireless Hydrometer And Thermometer For Smartphone Or Tablet (Pink)
This patented device drops right into your fermenting brew sending you real time specific gravity and temperature data to your smartphone or tablet during the entire fermentation process. This free floating combo hydrometer and thermometer transmits data to your iOS, Android, or Fire device via bluetooth. Once your smartphone or tablet is within range, the free Tilt app gives you up-to-date SG and temp readings right on your phone! The Tilt measures Specific Gravity between 0.990 to 1.120 SG, ideal for brewing or wine making. For advanced users, you can post this data to the cloud for free via Google Sheets. This allows users to create brew charts and graphs, showing you each beer's unique specific gravity curve*. Tilt provides a free template and instructions to get your cloud posting setup. You never have to open your fermenter or break another glass hydrometer again. The Tilt runs on CR123A batteries that are widely available. Batteries can last up to 3 months depending on the frequency of brewing. Bluetooth LE 4.0 and up, (requires iPhone 5s or newer or Android 4.3+), accurate +/-.002 SG and +/- 2 degrees F (typically), requires free app from App or Play store, data logging requires smartphone or tablet within close proximity (range ~25 feet), battery lasts 2-4 months, depending on use. Uses CR123a replaceable battery. *Your iOS or Android device must be near the Tilt with the app open and your phone on the entire time if you wish to post continuous data.

  • Wireless hydrometer and thermometer

  • Pairs with your iOS or Android device

  • Ability to post data to the cloud via Google Sheets

  • Pink