Three Prong Degasser & Aerator

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Three Prong Degasser & Aerator - Degas and stir your wine like a pro! The three-pronged wine degasser makes use of three elongated prongs that spread out and kick CO2 out of solution like no other degassing tool on the market! The 3 pronged degassing tool is attached to a drill and is used by lowering into the carboy and cranking for a minute or so, then reversing direction and going for another minute or so. After a few cycles, your wine will be completely and thoroughly degassed! No more residual carbon dioxide in solution that can give rise to exploding bottles or a carbonic acid “bite” in your wines. Get your wines degassed like they need to be with this 3 pronged degasser! Can also be used with beer making! The three progned degasser is a GREAT tool for creating a whirlpool in your brew kettle after the boil, AND for aerating your wort prior to yeast pitching.

  • Three Prong Degasser & Aerator

  • Degassing and Mixing Tool

  • Attaches to a reversible drill to achieve the speed necessary for effective degassing

  • Fits into fermenting buckets, pails and carboys

  • Made in the USA