Still Spirits Distiller's Nutrient Light Spirit 450g

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Yeast nutrient is the second most important additive you need for making light/white spirits: Vodka, rum or gin. It allows for a clean, complete fermentation. It can be used later in fermentation to restart stuck fermentations. It is specialized food grade fertilizer. This nutrient is especially designed for light wash fermentations: Sugar wash, potato peelings, yams and molasses. This 450g bottle is enough to do 3 6.6 gallon batches of sugar or potato mash. Use less for yams or molasses, one tub will do 4.5 6.6 gal batches. Still Spirits Distillers Light nutrient blend is especially formulated for reduced off-flavor production during fermentation of alcohol for light/white spirits. It is part of the Still Spirits Distiller's Range; genuine distilling yeasts, nutrients, and enzymes for home craft distilling! This product provides a balanced diet for your yeast. Contains diammonium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate and autolyzed yeast. If your yeast doesn't have everything needed it will still work but at a less efficient rate and they will also produce undesirable materials that can cause off flavor and aroma. An example would be hydrogen sulfide which makes your homebrew smell 'swampy'. Yeast Nutrient Does Not Contain Alcohol

  • Food grade turbo yeast nutrient blend with trace elements for use in distilling

  • Reduces off flavor and odor by enabling a clean, complete fermentation

  • Designed especially for gin, vodka, white rum and cachaça (Brazilian rum)

  • Use with sugar wash, fresh sugar cane juice, potato peelings, yams, and molasses

  • Net Weight: 450 g (15.9 US oz) One jar will do 3 to 4.5 6.6 gallon batches