Oregon Kombucha Organic Jasmine Green Tea - 1 Gallon Kombucha Starter Kit

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Oregon Kombucha's Basic starter kit makes it fun and easy to brew delicious kombucha at home. Oregon Kombucha is a family owned business dedicated to making home-brewed kombucha successful and accessible. All cultures are grown in our dedicated factory and packaged by hand. Try this living, refreshing beverage and feel the benefits that millions of people around the world have enjoyed for over two thousand years. Oregon Kombucha Organic Jasmine Green Tea & Scoby w/ Starter Liquid - Raw Culture Brews 1 Gallon of Delicious Kombucha

  • JASMINE GREEN TEA - The tea creates a light and fragrant flavor

  • ORGANIC - The Starter Kit contains a live Kombucha Culture, Oganic Jasmine Green Tea, and a brewing guide.

  • 1 GALLON - Each kit makes one gallon of kombucha.

  • GUARANTEED - Our cultures are guaranteed to work!