Nectaron Hop Pellets 8 oz

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Immerse your brewing creations in the unparalleled aroma and flavor of Nectaron Hop Pellets. This 8 oz bag of hop pellets capture the distinctive essence of the Nectaron hop variety, infusing your craft with a symphony of tropical and stone fruit notes that redefine your brewing experience. Passion fruit, pineapple, grapefruit, peach, and citrus notes intertwine, creating a sensory masterpiece. Craft an IPA, pale ale, NEIPA or experiment with various beer styles – Nectaron Hop Pellets offer versatile brewing possibilities, allowing you to achieve a harmonious balance or a bold, hop-forward profile. Passionately crafted over 17 years, Nectaron is a triploid aroma type developed in partnership with New Zealand Plant & Food research and is a full sister to Waimea. Each pellet is a powerhouse of flavors and aromas, making it easy to attain your desired taste in every batch. Whether you're a novice or seasoned homebrewer, these pellets provide a convenient and efficient way to incorporate Nectaron hops into your recipes. Elevate your home brewing experience with Nectaron Hop Pellets. Unleash a tropical symphony, transforming your beer into a masterpiece that stands out. Order your 8 oz pack now and embark on a flavorful exploration.

  • Distinct Essence: Immerse your brew in Nectaron's unique aroma and flavor, capturing passion fruit, pineapple, grapefruit, peach and citrus notes.

  • Versatile Brewing: Craft various styles with Nectaron Hop Pellets, offering options for a balanced or bold, hop-forward profile.

  • Passionate Craft: Developed over 17 years, Nectaron is a triploid aroma type.

  • Flavor Powerhouse: Each 8 oz pellet is packed with flavors, making it easy for brewers of all levels to achieve their desired taste.

  • Elevate Your Brew: Whether you're a novice or experienced homebrewer, transform your beer into a standout masterpiece with these hops.