Home Brew Ohio Yellow PVC Shrink Capsules 30 count

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Yellow PVC shrink capsules are an easy way to make bottles look clean, neat, and professional. They are perfect for banquets, dinner parties, or any setting that you want to leave a lasting impression upon. The many color and design variations of PVC shrink capsules are perfect for someone looking to add some personal flare to their latest batch of wine. These capsules are perfect for making wine racking look professional. Instead of seeing many different wine bottle necks and colors, everything will be uniform making it look very visually appealing.

  • Quality: Great quality shrink caps that make your bottles look professional and stay attached after application.

  • Application: Shrink caps are easily applied using a head source, such as a hair dryer, boiling water, or a shrink cap machine (check it out!).

  • Appeal: These shrink caps make your batch of wine look very clean, beautiful, and professional and add a great touch to wine racking.

  • Shrink cap measures 2.125" x 1.25" x 1.25"