Home Brew Ohio Wine Tasting Corks 12 count

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Wine Tasting Corks, 12 count, are the most convenient corks to take on and off your wine bottle on the market. You can take them on and off easily with just your fingers. These corks are made with excellent quality so you will be able to take them on and off many bottles to come. These corks are not recommended for storing wine, however they are intended to be used for wine tasting events, banquets, or whatever event you have coming up! These corks can even fit into some larger beer bottles, and they can be used in the exact same way for beer! All that's left is for you to buy them and try them out for yourself!

  • Application: Extremely easy application that is possible with out using any corker, all you do is push down with your thumb or palm!

  • Usage: These corks are intended for usage during the drinking of a bottle of wine or for storage of the bottle for a short period of time, not intended to be used for long term storage.

  • Addition (not included): Additional products that will perfectly go with these corks can be found on our page, such as wine bottles, champagne bottles, beer bottles, and many other types of corks!