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Pilsen Grain stands out as a top-tier 2-Row base malt, boasting an incredibly light color that yields a clean and crisp wort. Renowned for its soft, round, and sweetly malty flavor, Pilsen malt shares its name with the Czech city that pioneered it, much like the famous Pilsner beer. This malt takes center stage as a base malt, constituting a significant 60-100% of the beers it graces. As a base malt, it packs enough enzymatic activity to ensure a thorough starch conversion during the mashing process, a critical step in brewing. This malt's complexity is defined by specific characteristics: Pilsen malt, living up to its versatile reputation, finds application across various beer styles. Not only does it provide an excellent starch to protein ratio, allowing the distinctive flavors of specialty malts to shine through, but it also emerges as a stellar choice for lagers. Its adaptability extends further, making it suitable as a base malt for a wide spectrum of beer styles, underlining its indispensable role in the brewing world. Pilsen Grain, with its exceptional qualities and science-backed excellence, continues to be a cornerstone for brewers seeking perfection in their craft.

  • Pilsen Grain is a standout 2-Row base malt, prized for its exceptionally light color, producing a clean and crisp wort for brewing.

  • Known for its soft, round, and sweetly malty flavor, Pilsen malt is named after the Czech city that introduced it, resembling the renowned Pilsner beer in its characteristics.

  • As a base malt, Pilsen malt plays a crucial role in brewing due to its high enzymatic activity, ensuring thorough starch conversion during the mashing process—an essential step in brewing science.

  • Pilsner malt is defined by specific characteristics, including being crafted from two-row spring barley, undergoing high modification for a favorable starch to protein value, and being kilned to achieve a blonde color value.

  • Pilsen malt's versatility shines through in its application across various beer styles, allowing the full flavor of specialty malts to stand out, making it an excellent choice for lagers, and serving as a reliable base malt for a wide range of beer styles.