Home Brew Ohio - Home Brewing “Flavor Bundle”- Ginger Pear Crisp

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Take your beer recipe (or what ever you like to brew get creative) to the next level. Natural Flavorings, Dried Herbs, Fruit and Spices! Turn your base recipe into into a creative delicious master piece. Experiment with small batches to dial in your craft beer and add your results to a brewer’s journal or go straight to a larger batch. You decide, You are the Master Brewer! Ginger Pear Crisp, a delicious combination of flavors! - Add the incredible flavor of Pear with a touch of spice from the ginger flavoring with a hint of adding scoop of vanilla ice cream! “Flavor Bundle”- Ginger Pear Crisp (1) ginger root 1oz, (1) Natural flavoring - pear 4oz (1) cinnamon sticks 1oz, (1) Natural Vanilla Type Flavoring 4oz.

  • Ginger Pear Crisp

  • Flavor Bundle

  • (1) ginger root 1oz, (1) cinnamon sticks 1oz

  • (1) Natural flavoring - pear 4oz

  • (1) Natural Vanilla Type Flavoring 4oz