Home Brew Ohio Green Crown Caps 100 count

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Home Brew Ohio Green Crown Caps consist of 100 count green crown caps that are standard size for most beer bottles. These caps have a built in oxygen absorbing lining that ensures the beer in the bottle does not get tainted from unnecessary gasses seeping into the bottle. These caps are easily applied with all standard bottle cappers and are effortlessly removed with a bottle opener. There are crimps along the edge of the cap that remain after applying them to the bottle which helps a bottle opener grip the cap, ensuring that removing the cap will be effortless. Be sure to check out our other colors and designs of oxygen absorbing crown caps!

  • QUALITY: High quality crown oxygen absorbing caps with a seal to ensure the crisp, freshness of your beer.

  • DESIGN: Caps designed for convenience in their application and removal, because of the crimps around the edge allowing a bottle opener to grasp the edges easily.

  • USE: Classic design that is iconic of all beer bottles, in a standard measurement that makes them able to fit on all beer bottles and be applied with almost all beer bottle cappers.