Home Brew Ohio Dead Leaf 750ml Burgundy Bottle Case of 12

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Dead Leaf 750ml Burgundy Bottles, Case of 12, are a beautiful and uniquely crafted bottle that perfectly fit any occasion. These bottles are a beautiful color that looks excellent on the shelf while still allowing you to look into the bottle to see the color, consistency, and clarity of your latest batch. These bottles are excellently crafted that ensures they are durable enough to be used batch after batch if they are cleaned and handled properly. Now all that's left is for you to buy them and see how great they truly are!

  • Quality: Excellently crafted Dead Leaf bottles designed to both look beautiful while maintaining its quality and durability.

  • Appeal: Unique color that makes these bottles extremely appealing.

  • Application: Bottles that make the corking process easy when using a hand or floor corker (not included, but available on our page!).