Home Brew Ohio #7 Drilled Rubber Stopper Set of 3

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#7 Drilled Rubber Stoppers, 3 count, are wonderfully crafted stoppers that are designed to be used in bottles and jugs that can be used for the fermentation process. These stoppers come pre-drilled with an opening that will fit an airlock making a tight seal to ensure the correct exchange of gasses happens, not allowing anything bad into the bottle. This style of stopper is available in many different sizes, so there is most likely a size that is going to fit whatever bottle you intend on using. All that's is for you to buy this stopper and see how fantastic it is!

  • Quality: Excellent quality stoppers that are constructed out of rubber making them extremely durable.

  • Usage: These stoppers are generally used in the fermentation processes in conjunction with an airlock (not included).

  • Additional: Other products like cleaners, ingredients, and the airlocks necessary for these stoppers can be found on our page!