Home Brew Ohio 7.9 Gallon Bottling Bucket without Lid

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Home Brew Ohio 7.9 Gallon Bottling Bucket. This bucket is perfect for a first time homebrewer or for an experienced homebrewer looking to simplify the bottling process. This bucket is made of food safe plastic which protects your home brew, you, and ensures that the bucket and lid will last for a long time. (If cared for and cleaned properly) There is a hole toward the bottom of the bucket that perfectly fits the Vintage Shop spigot (or many other home brewing spigots) to create an airtight seal. This in turn greatly reduces the mess made from the bottling process.

  • Quality: The items in this kit are made with excellent quality allowing them to be used many times, if cared for properly.

  • Versatility: This bottling bucket can be used to bottle many different kinds of alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages, but the bottling bucket is used mostly for wine and beer.

  • 7.9 gallon

  • Made from food grade plastic