FerMonster One Gallon Fermenter Wide Mouth Carboy

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Fermonster does not use any plasticizer and are made with 100% Virgin material. Made with Food grade materials and BPA free. Comes with an O-ring and air-tight ONE PIECE lid with a hole that will take our #10 stopper. The lid hole is 4.3 cms (1.7”) in diameter.There are no ribs, only smooth sides, so no yeast or sediment will adhere to walls during fermentation. Solid lid is available as an option (not included in the product sold as a separate item) so you can customize your lid (drill as many holes as you wish). Completely taste and odour-free. It is also stain resistant. With a wider 4” mouth, there is easier access for cleaning. It is made of heavy P.E.T. plastic. Impermeable to oxygen. 100% made in Canada. (1 Gallon)

  • One Gallon

  • Lightweight and Durable

  • Stain Resistant, Easy to Clean!

  • Includes Drilled Lid

  • Can be Used as a Primary Fermenter