FastFerment Plastic Wall Mount Conical Fermenter

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The fast ferment is the only conical fermenter with a collection capsule at the base. With the collection capsule, you will be able to take sediment or trub from the bottom -- no more racking. If you're making wine, you can either bottle or filter directly from the unit. If you're making beer, you can prime the beer through the opening on the top, open the valve and bottle. Or just open the valve and run the line into your keg. Capacity is 7.9 gallons. Please note that this Fast Ferment is a wall-mounted unit and needs to be installed on a concrete wall or anchored into wooden (not metal) studs. Wall mount is included. Does not include floor stand.

  • Primary & secondary fermentation in the same container

  • No transfers & no racking - 80% less work

  • Better quality product with no sediment contamination