FastFerment 3 Gallon Conical With Stand

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Easy Cleaning and Batch Stirring - 6" (15cm) removable screw top, Total Capacity 3 US Gallons/ 11.3 Litres, Made for 1 - 2 Gallon batches with blow offs - Perfect for Splitting 5G Batches, Mason Jar Attachment for Yeast Harvesting - Save $100's & harvest your Yeast Strains! Kit Contents: 3G HDPE Conical Vessel, Union Valve - 3/4" (1.9cm) with coupling, Hose Barb - 3/8" (0.95cm), Mason Jar - 4 oz. (0.12l), Mason Jar Adaptor, Mason Jar Adaptor Gasket, 5mm Metal Stand, 3-Piece Airlock, 240" - Teak Tape, 1' - 3/8" (0.95cm) Hosing, White Hose Clamp - 3/8", 0.95cm), 6" Screw Top Lid, Hollow Gasket for 6" Screw Top, Grommet, Instructional Manual.

  • The FastFerment conical fermenter is better for your fermentation because it is a closed vessel

  • Cleaner fermentation with less risk of oxidation and less risk of infection

  • No sediment or Oxygen contamination

  • Stand Included