Easy Double Lever Corker

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A levered corking device is an improvement over the plunger design. As the name implies, leverage is used to push the cork through a Tapered Section that compresses the cork, then into the bottle. The easy double Lever corker has adjustments for the depth of cork insertion. It has longer handles for good leverage, one several features that make it easier to use. A Spring in the Nylon Body centers the corker on the bottle when the levers are pushed. There is another Spring on the plunger shaft to lift the handles back up after the cork has been inserted. This 8R-KUTK-YL7E is definitely worth the additional cost over the lower priced corkers available.

  • Double lever corker

  • Adjustable plunger depth

  • Twin handles for easy corking
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      Nearly Perfect and Worth the Extra Money

      Posted by Tarisa Parrish on Oct 3rd 2021

      This Easy Double-Lever corker is nearly perfect, and definitely worth the extra money. It has good leverage, so it doesn't require a large amount of force on the bottle. You feel more in control of the corking process. Its spring-based bottle gripper seems to work very well. It is excellent being able to adjust the plunging depth to fine tune the cork insertion depth. It takes a few practice corks to dial it in, and you might need a wrench, but at least the adjustment is possible. The only negative is that this tool is not "Self- Centering," which would earn it all 5 starts. While I have not yet had the plunger crash into glass yet, it looks like it is going a little off-center when it is in the open position right before corking. Aside from that, the spring which helps re-open the corker is neither helpful, nor a hindrance.