Complete Vintage Shop 6 Gallon Ported Plastic Carboy with Spigot and Wrench

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Vintage Shop offers 5-gallon ported plastic carboys, ideal for home brewing and winemaking enthusiasts seeking a reliable and convenient vessel for fermenting and storing their creations. Crafted with durable plastic materials, these carboys provide a lightweight and shatter-resistant alternative to traditional glass carboys, ensuring peace of mind during handling and transportation. Featuring a ported design, these carboys simplify the process of siphoning and transferring liquids, allowing for seamless racking and bottling without the need for additional equipment. The ported spigot enables precise control over the flow of liquid, reducing the risk of spills and waste during transfers. Included in the kit is the 5/16" Vintage Shop spigot and Vintage Shop Spigot Wrench for ease of set up and cleaning. With a generous 5-gallon capacity, these carboys are well-suited for medium-sized batches of wine, beer, cider, or mead. Whether you're a beginner experimenting with new recipes or a seasoned brewer perfecting your craft, these carboys provide a versatile and convenient solution for fermenting and aging your beverages.

  • Vintage Shop offers 6-gallon ported plastic carboys designed for home brewing and winemaking.

  • Crafted from durable plastic materials, these carboys are lightweight and shatter-resistant, providing ease of handling and transportation.

  • The ported design simplifies siphoning and transferring liquids, featuring a spigot for precise flow control during racking and bottling.

  • With a 6-gallon capacity, these carboys are suitable for batches of wine, beer, cider, or mead.

  • Included with the carboy are the 5/16" spigot and spigot wrench.