Carboy Wedge

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Make siphoning easier than ever with the help of an ingenious piece of homebrew supplies - a carboy wedge. Getting the last bit of liquid transferred from your carboy can be a hassle. You have to tilt it at the right angle with one hand as you're trying to manage your siphon with the other. Stop doing the carboy siphon dance. Put a pair of carboy wedges under your vessel and get the perfect angle for siphoning off your brew after fermentation while leaving both hands unoccupied for maximum utility. Free up your hands for more important tasks. Add a pair of carboy wedges to your home brew kit today! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Tilt your carboy at a perfect angle for easy siphoning.

  • Carboy Wedge

  • Fits Under Carboy and Allows Tilting

  • Makes siphoning easier