Brewer's Best 1 Gallon Equipment Kit

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Ever wanted to make your own home brewed beer but didn't know if it was right for you AND didn't want to break the bank? Well then, this 1 gallon Beer Brewing Equipment Kit is for you! This is a complete kit that includes all of the 1st time fermentation equipment you will need to ferment your first 1 gallon batch of tasty homebrew. All you need to provide is ingredients, a stock pot that is approx. 8-12 quarts in volume, and water. Please note! Bottling equipment and Ingredients are NOT included with this kit. You will also need to aquire beer bottles (approx 10 - 12 ounce bottles) bottle caps, and a capper. You can also bottle your brew in wire top bottles or plastic bottles. Our recommended bottling supplies are listed below the Kit contents. Kit Contents: •2 Gallon Primary Fermenter w/lid and grommet •1 Gallon Glass Jug w/lid for an airlock •Airlock •No Rinse Cleanser •Sanitizer •Mini Auto Siphon •Siphon Tubing and Shut off clamp •Liquid Crystal 'stick on' Thermometer •Double Lever Capper Lab •Thermometer •Hydrometer with Test Jar •Bottle Brush •Instructions

  • Brewers Best Beer Equipment Kit

  • Everything Included To Start Brewing 1 Gallon of Craft Beer

  • Complete Instructions Included