Alcotec Fruit Turbo Yeast Distiller's Strain

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Alcotec Fruit Turbo Yeast Distiller's Strain - 60g sachets, suitable for 25 litre fermentations. Perfect for Distilling Fruit Liqueurs and Spirits. Contains both Turbo Yeast, Yeast Nutrient, Enzyme and Vitamins. Alcotec Fruit Turbo Yeast with enzyme contains a pure fermenting distillers strain of yeast, chosen for its ability to retain many of the important fruit qualities. Also contains an enzyme for breaking down pectins in the fruit which could create a haze problem later. Fast fermenting, producing full, rich fruity aromatics. Perfect for creating home distilled fruit liqueurs. Contains complete nutrition for rapid fermentation. Full range of Alcotec products available from our website.

  • For fruit base fermentations

  • Perfect for Fruit Liqueurs and Spirits

  • Rapid, high quality yield

  • Ready in 4-6 days

  • Produces full, rich fruity aromatics.