Alcotec Distiller’s Turbo Yeast Rum with Glucoamylase

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Alcotec Distiller’s Yeast Rum with Glucoamylase - 73g sachets, suitable for 25 litre fermentations. Contains both Turbo Yeast, Yeast Nutrient, Amylase Enzyme and Vitamins. For grain or molasses based recipes, we have added a GA (glucoamylase) enzyme which breaks down dextrins which are leftovers from the raw materials after fermentation (grain, rice etc.). For grain based recipes, you also need to pre-treat the wash with Alcotec Alpha Amylase Enzyme (see our Shop sold separately). Contains complete nutrition for rapid fermentation. Producing full, rich fruity aromatics, it also includes glucoamylase enzyme to break down and convert starch and carbs into sugars for optimum yield. NOTE: Alcotec Distiller's Yeasts are designed for use when making spirit in the more traditional way, ie from grain.

  • Premium Single Culture Rum Strain from Alcotec

  • With Glucoamylase Enzyme

  • Helps to convert starch and carbs into sugars

  • Especially suited to 50:50 blend of molasses and sucrose