Alcotec Batch 200 Turbo

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Alcotec Batch 200 Turbo - Alcotec 200 Turbo Yeast for industrial use contains a highly complex, chemically defined macro and micro nutrition which together with the specially developed Alcotec TT Yeast strain is the only complete fermentation system capable of delivering 15% alcohol from a pure sugar base. Recipe: Use 240 kg sucrose / m3 of sugar/water solution (240g/litre). Dissolve completely before adding Alcotec 200 mix. Alcotec 200 can be added directly to the sugar solution if tank has got mixing facilities, otherwise prepare a smaller mix of Alcotec 200 and water (proportions 1:10), mix well for 2-3 minutes and then pump into main tank. Start gravity: Target s.g. is 1096 g/L (22.9 Brix). Temperatures: Use mantle cooling for max 26°C (77°F) liquid temperature throughout fermentation. Start liquid temperature can be anywhere within 21-35°C (70-95°F). Optimal start liquid temperature is 30°C (86°F). NOTE: A liquid temperature above 29°C (84°F) at any time during fermenation may result in a stuck fermentation. pH: Alcotec 200 contains its own pH regulator, there is no need to adjust or monitor pH value. Foaming: Alcotec 200 contains its own antifoaming agents so only minimal foam.

  • Extreme performance 24hr Turbo Yeast

  • 14% ABV in 24hrs

  • Suitable for 25L

  • Use with a quality fining agent such as TurboKlar

  • From AlcoTec, the leaders in High Alcohol Fermentation