Alcotec Amylase Enzyme 5g

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Alcotec Amylase Enzyme 5g - Alcotec Alpha Amylase Enzyme 5g can convert the starch content from up to 5kgs of grains so it can be fully fermented to alcohol. This is a high temperature tolerant enzyme, with very high enzymatic activity. This can be used as pre-processing of a grain (or any other starch rich material) based wash before fermenting it with a turbo yeast. Contains Glucoamylase Enzyme (GA) which will take care of the remaining dextrins. Perfect companion to Distiller's Yeast for Whisky, Vodka and Rum. We are a main supplier of all Alcotec and Turbo Yeasts products.

  • Quality Amylase Enzyme from Alcotec

  • Use to convert starch and carbs into sugars

  • High temperature tolerant, can handle temperatures up to 85 degrees before denaturing

  • Used extensively in beer and distilling mashes using grain

  • Each packet treats up to 11 pounds (5kg) of crushed grain