Alcotec 48-hour Turbo Yeast - 135 g

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Alcotec 48-hour turbo yeast is an extremely alcohol and temperature tolerant yeast strain that is capable of reaching 14 percent alcohol in 48 hours and 20 percent alcohol in 5 days. This special blend of yeast and Nutrients includes optimized sources of Nitrogen (diammonium phosphate), Trace Nutrients and vitamins. It is highly capable of fermenting a sugar water mash or recipes containing fruit or grain. Each package produces 6. 5 us gallons (25L). net weight:, 4. 8oz (135G) specifications: temperature range: 68F to 90F (20c-32c), volume produced: 6. 5 us gallons (25L), form: dried, alcohol tolerance: 20 percent - equivalent to 17. 6lb (8kg) sugar in 5. 5 us gallons (21L) water Instructions to make 6. 5 us gallons (25L) of 14 percent alcohol in 48 hours or 20 percent alcohol in 5 days:, pour 5. 5 us gallons (21L) of 104F (40C) water into your fermenter. Add 13. 2lb (6kg) (for 14 percent in 48 hours) or 17. 6lb (8kg) (for 20 percent in 5 days) of sugar and mix well until completely dissolved. Then add 1 sachet of AL.

  • Alcotec 48-hour Turbo Yeast

  • Consists of distillers yeast mixed with a lot of nutrients and vitamins

  • Ferment 6 gallons to 16% alcohol or higher in 48 hours