3L Jug Flint - Single Bottle

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3L Jug Flint - Single Bottle. This 3 liter bottle is excellent quality ensuring that it will last for a long time to come. This bottle is big enough to hold all the wine necessary for a dinner party or other gathering. This bottle has a screw-top that can take a 38mm cap. The Flint clear color allows you to see into the bottle to observe the wonderful spirit or wine that is within. At the top of the neck there is a ridge that allows for easier carrying and using of this jug. Cap not included.

  • Quality: These bottles are excellently crafted allowing them to last a long time, if cleaned and cared for properly.

  • Versatility: While these jugs are intended to hold alcoholic beverages, they can hold many other beverages or even be a beautiful substitute for a flower vase.

  • Accessibility: These bottles have a ridge that makes moving and handling them better. This ridge acts as a useful alternative to a jug with a handle.