1 Gal Natural 38mm neck (NON-TE) Jug With 38mm White Plastic Lid

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Home Brew Ohio 1 Gal Natural 38mm Neck Jug - These food-safe 1 gallon plastic water bottles are made in a rounded shape which allows it to be stored in many places. These bottles have a plastic handle that will help ease moving the bottle when it is made heavy from water or when trying to get it out from a tight space. When these bottles are empty they are extremely light allowing them to be transported and stored easily. White Plastic 38mm Cap included.

  • 1 Gal Natural 38mm neck (NON-TE) Jug

  • Versatility: This jug is intended to be used as water storage, but if cleaned and cared for properly then it can hold essentially any liquid you want!

  • Food-Safe: This jug is made out of food safe plastic which will ensure that your bottle does not contaminate what you decide to use it for

  • Size: This bottle is the perfect size and shape to fit in many spaces making it very easy and convenient to store

  • White Plastic 38mm Cap included