Winexpert Wine Equipment Kit and Ingredient Kit - 1 Gallon

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One Gallon Claifornia Moscato Wine Ingredient Kit, 6 Clear 750 mL Bordeaux Wine Bottles, Vintner's Best One Gallon Wine Making Kit-Includes: 2 Gallon Fermenting Bucket with grommeted lid, Clear one gallon glass jug, mini auto siphone, 5/16 inch siphon hose and shut off clamp, bottle filler, easy clean, potasium metabisulfite, dual end swizzle spoon, wine thief, #6.5 solid rubber stopper, Econolock, dual scale liquid crystal thermometer, triple scale hydrometer, 10 inch plastic hydrometer and test jar.

  • One Gallon Wine Equipment Kit

  • One Gallon California Moscato Wine Ingredient Kit

  • 6 Clear 750 mL Bordeaux Wine Bottles