Vintner's Acidex Super-K Acid Reduction Powder - 85g

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Acidex Super-K is a simple-to-use tartaric acid reduction powder. It works by neutralizing accelerating the formation and precipitation of naturally occurring tartaric acid crystals a.k.a. `wine diamonds present in high acid wines. Acidex Super-K contains potassium bicarbonate and potassium bitartrate. It is used after fermentation and does not alter the structure of the wine. It does slightly raise potassium levels and increases the pH of the wine to between 3.2-3.6. Reduces primary malic acid and tartaric acid levels. 85 gram package (.25 LB).

  • 500 gram package (1.10 LB)

  • Acid Reduction Powder

  • Reduces primary malic acid and tartaric acid levels

  • Inhibits wine diamonds