Home Brew Ohio Stock Pot 100 Quart Stainless Steel

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100 Quart (25 Gallon) Economy Stainless Steel Pot. This pot is perfect for brewing beer. This pot is strong enough to withstand high heat many times, if it is cared for and cleaned properly. Since this pot is stainless steel it helps to ensure that it remains clean and is easily cleaned after the brewing process. If you are not interested in brewing beer, then this pot is perfect for cooking large amounts of food for gatherings, like potlucks.

  • Quality: This pot is excellent quality which will allow it to be used time and time again

  • Versatility: This pot is perfect for brewing beer, but it can also be used to cook anything. It is the perfect size to make jambalaya for the entire family

  • Cleanliness: Since this pot is stainless steel it is extremely easy to clean and it is easy to see any part of the pot that retains any stain so it can be specifically cleaned