Home Brew Ohio 6.5 Gallon plastic fermenter with lid and Pail Opening Tool

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Included in all of our home brewing equipment kits, this 6.5 Gallon plastic fermenter with Lid is the ideal Size for brewing up two or more batches at the same time. The lids installed rubber grommet makes it easy to have an airtight seal for long-term storage. Buy a few extras so you can make multiple batches. These fermenting buckets are easy to clean, durable and versatile, with gallons marked on the side, so you can view How much liquid is in the fermenter. 6.5 Gallon Size. Installed rubber grommet on Lid ensures an airtight seal gallons noted on side of bucket so you know How much liquid is inside. Includes pail opening tool. This pail opening tool makes is easy to get off those stubborn airtight lids. It can also be used to pry off the lid to juice bags included in wine ingredient kits. Great tool for all brewers.

  • Primary fermenter for beer

  • Includes Lid with Grommet

  • Easy to clean, durable and versatile

  • Includes pail opening tool

  • Tool makes it easy to get off those stubborn airtight lids. No more sore fingers or damaged lids from screwdrivers.