Home Brew Ohio 3 Gallon BIAB Small Batch Equipment Kit

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Entry level kit on a small scale for all-grain brew in a bag 3 gallon batches. Includes everything you need, you will get a 3 gallon glass carboy, 20 quart brew pot with lid, Gloria capper with 144 crown caps, 6 feet of siphon tubing, auto-siphon, Star San 8 oz., reusable nylon brew bag, drilled bung with econolock airlock, carboy cap, carboy brush, 6.5 gallon Home Brew Ohio bucket (for fermenting or bottling) with grommeted lid and vintage shop bottling spigot and a True Brew Handbook.

  • Small Scale Entry Level Kit

  • Use With All Grain Brew In A Bag 3 Gallon Batches

  • Great Value!