Fizz X Wine Agitating Rod

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The FIZZ-X is a very handy and versatile tool. You can use it to aerate your wort prior to adding yeast. It eliminates the need to pick up a full 5 gallon carboy and shake or to hand stir it to drive off CO2 and oxygenate your wort. Simply attach it to a drill, insert it into the carboy pull the trigger and stir. It designed to be used in 5, 6, 6.5 gallon carboys. It can also be used in fermenting buckets. You will get much more efficient and easy aeration using this tool, rather than stirring with a spoon or by picking up a heavy carboy and shaking it to drive off the CO2. It can also be used in wine making to remove trapped gas in the wine prior to bottling.

  • Fizz X Wine Agitating Rod

  • Attaches to Drill

  • Use to Oxygenate Wort