Five Star PBW Liquid Cleaner 8oz

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Liquid PBW is a buffered alkaline detergent that has been proven to be more than an effective substitute for caustic cleaners. Because of its unique formulation of buffers and mild alkalis, it is safe on soft metals such as stainless steel and on plastics. P.B.W. uses active oxygen to penetrate carbon or protein soils and is not affected by hard water. The oxygen also helps in reducing B.O.D. and C.O.D. in wastewater, which is an added environmental benefit. 8oz

  • Easy to Use: Mixes into solution even at lower water temperatures

  • Powerful Formula: Removes tough stains and soils with less scrubbing

  • Works Fast: Quickly mixes into solution

  • Wide Range of Applications: Great for use with canning lines and keg cleaners

  • Simple Dosing: 1-2 oz. per gallon of water