Fermtech a’Pour Wine Dispensing System

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Fermtech a’Pour wine dispensing system. A reusable container designed to preserve up to 8 bottles (6 L/1.6 gal.) of your wine while eliminating bottling, corking, and labeling. The wine will stay fresh for up to 6 months in the oxygen barrier bag. Each a’Pour system includes a dispenser, pre-sanitized oxygen barrier bag, and a novel Pressure FillerTM to further simplify the filling. Accepts Wine on Tap replacement bags, item #5211. Kit includes: 1 - a'Pour Premium Wine Dispenser, 1 - Pressure Filler, 1 - Pre-sanitized Oxygen Barrier Bag with Deluxe Dispensing Tap.

  • Accepts Wine on Tap replacement bags, item #5211

  • Keeps 8 bottles of your wine fresh for up to 6 months

  • Reduces bottling, corking, labeling

  • Reusable, portable dispenser is engineered to last

  • The included Pressure Filler is designed to maximize volume and make filling a breeze