Make The Most Of Your Extract Kit - DVD

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In this 75-minute video, Contributing Editor Dave Carpenter will show you how to maximize the potential of your malt extract kit. He'll take a hands-on approach and take you step-by-step from unboxing your equipment to fermenting your beer. The lessons you learn here are completely scalable to other batch sizes, so you can feel confident brewing one gallon at a time or ten gallons at a time. Topics for this video include: How to use an extract kit - brew, ferment, bottle, and enjoy your beer, An overview of your brewing equipment, Tips to make great beer from an extract kit, Other tools you can purchase to enhance your kit, A walk through of your home brew shop and the equipment they provide.

  • Maximaize The Potential Of Your Malt Extract Kit

  • Overview Of Brewing Equipment

  • Discusses Other Tools That Can Be Used

  • 75-Minute Video