Cooler Shock Bundle

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Cooler Shock Bundle
CREATE IDEAL FERMENTATION TEMPERATURES: Simply use your Cooler with CoolerShock ice packs and NEVER lose a batch of beer to high temps again! 100% waterproof and insulated. No more messy blowouts. BUNDLE includes Cooler and 4 ice packs! EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN TEMPS: Normal ale ferm. range is 68 to 72 deg. Use roughly 2 CoolerShocks to get to desired temperature. Once there, it’s easy to keep your temp just right, change your CoolerShock once each night! (does depend slightly on ambient temp) You can LAGER with more CoolerShocks! VERSATILE and SPACE SAVING : Is compatible with buckets, fermenters and carboys up to 8 gallons! ALSO large enough for ½ barrels kegs and can hold up to 4, five gallon corny kegs for your party serving needs! (Kegs not included)Limited space? No problem! Collapse when done! Even brew in a closet! 500,000 + COOLER SHOCKS SOLD ON AMAZON! Ice packs actually accelerates cooling! Detailed Cooler use guide right on back of pack. Shipped dry Formula - you add water (once) and save money. Simple permanent screw cap seal. HASSLE FREE guarantee! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We pride ourselves on our customer service! Every Cool Brewing purchase also supports our Cooler Giving Campaign, helping people in need, one cooler at a time!--

  • Create Ideal Fermentation Temperatures Controlling Your Fermentation Temperatures Is A Critical Step To Making Great Beer

  • Easy To Use And Maintain Temps

  • Compatible With Buckets, Fermenters And Carboys Up To 8 Gallons