Cool Brewing Keg Cooler

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Cool Brewing Keg Cooler
Keep your kegs insulated with the new CoolBrew Keg Coolers. Specifically built for Cornelius and 1/6th barrel kegs, these jackets will preserve your precious brew for longer when you take a keg out to share with friends. They come a little oversized to give you extra room for ice or ice packs. This one is perfectly sized for 5 gallon Cornelius kegs.

  • The ONLY home brew keg cooler for a 5 gallon and 1/6 keg! Excellent quality and durability.

  • Keep the quality of your home brew while transporting and serving using our beer coolers! Serve cold brew coffee and kombucha as well!

  • Kegs USED to be more difficult to transport and share; now just hook up a picnic tap and take your homebrew and keg anywhere! Easily serve at parties, graduations, golf courses, weddings, beaches and farmers markets!

  • Kegging your home brew saves hours of time, space and mess over bottling!

  • Includes removable patent pending puncture proof bottom for extra durability.