Better Bottle 3 Gallon PET Carboy

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Better than glass and not simply plastic; BetterBottle carboys are special BetterBottle carboys are: 1) Designed to be strong, scuff resistant, easy to handle, and essentially unbreakable, 2) Pure – Taste- and odor-free, BPA-free, DEHP-free, plasticizer-free, 3) Virtually impermeable to oxygen, 4) Extraordinarily easy to wash and sanitize (no brushes necessary), and 5) Clear and colorless. BetterBottle carboys are not at all like other plastic carboys (Use the FAQ tab to access the BB vs. Plastic discussion for additional information). The special PET, used to make BetterBottle carboys, is non-absorbing, non-porous, and non-wetting (hydrophobic), so it will not carry over flavors from one batch of wine or beer to the next and it is easier to clean and sanitize than glass or other plastics. BetterBottle carboys are ideal for home winemaking and home brewing. Special Features - An extra heavy wall with specially engineered angles to give strength without trapping sediments makes this carboy unique among compact carboys. The 3 gallon capacity yields fifteen 750 ml bottles of wine and is ideal for: Ice wine kits, Making good use of the unpredictable volumes of juice, Refrigerating (the square shape makes efficient use of space), etc.

  • Light weight and safe to handle

  • Crystal clear and colorless

  • Taste- and odor-free

  • Exceptional stain resistance

  • Easy to wash and sanitize