Beer Love Gift Collection

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Do you know that person who would love to brew their own beer? Maybe, you have that hard to buy for friend or family is always a great idea! This collection provides the necessary equipment and ingredients to brew a one gallon batch. Bragging rights are included in this collection. The equipment kit is perfectly matched to work with the American Classic Ingredient kit. Within the ingredient kit you will find step-by-step instructions to making your first official beer. This is the perfect gift for the beer lover we all know and love.

  • A boxed one gallon equipment kit allows for primary and secondary fermentation. It also provides the necessary equipment to do batch after batch of your own beer.

  • An American Classic Ingredient kit is included in this collection. Inside the box you will find the fermentables, hops, yeast, corn sugar, caps, and instructions in order to successfully brew your own one-gallon batch of beer.

  • To accessorize your beer style, you will find a Home Brew Ohio, "I'd rather be Homebrewing" license plate holder, beer bottle opener, beer themed card set, and a bar of beer soap.

  • Order this collection today to give to your friends and neighbors. Let's face it, friends and neighbors who know how to brew are more fun!